Spirituality Network for Gloucestershire

Support for Spiritual Directors

The Network offers an annual day of support and encouragement for spiritual directors, and help in finding a supervisor.

We believe that supervision is important in the ministry of spiritual direction, helping us to reflect regularly on our ministry and on the issues that are raised. Please contact the Network if you would like help or support in your ministry as a spiritual director.

A Companion's Way - The Gloucestershire Course in Spiritual Direction

This two-year course has been running now for about 20 years. The course is designed to develop the gifts of those who feel they may be called to the ministry of spiritual direction. Spiritual Direction is a way of meeting with someone - a spiritual director or guide - to share your thoughts and reflections about your faith. Spiritual direction seeks primarily to enable the seeker to achieve a deep relationship with or grounding in God, and so to live a life of freedom, individuality and love for God's world and for God's people.

A spiritual director or companion is someone who has specific skills in:

  • Listening
  • Helping you to reflect more deeply about your faith journey
  • Helping you to reflect on your relationship with God.

Spiritual directors represent a wide variety of ages, denominations and traditions. They may be ordained, from a religious order or they may be a lay person (not ordained).

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